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Hearing loss does not only affect the older generation. Actually, more and more young people are affected by hearing losses caused primarily by exposure to excessive noise.  Studies show that around 500 million people worldwide have a hearing loss. Many of them could benefit from wearing hearing aids because when hearing loss is detected and treated, people report significant improvements in many areas of their lives.

The main objective for which the society was established, is generally to develop and further the interests of the hearing aid profession in South Africa and elsewhere, in any manner that appears desirable.
  The Society has the following objectives: 


►  To work towards the introduction of suitable training facilities for those entering the hearing aid profession.

►  To collect and assimilate information on all matters affecting the common and separate interests, including the collection from and dissemination among members of information pertinent to the improvement of the hearing aid profession in South Africa.

►  To protect the interests of the public by ensuring as far as possible that only persons qualified to do so are engaged in the hearing aid profession.

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