The volume drops
Low battery - replace it.
          ►  The sound outlet is blocked with earwax - clean with a small brush. Change the cerumen filter.
          ►  Blocked microphone inlet - consult your hearing aid acoustician.

The instrument “whistles“ in the ear
The instrument is not correctly inserted in your ear. Try again.
          ►  The instrument is in the wrong ear - swap it over.
          ►  The fit of the instrument is too loose - consult your acoustician.

The instrument does not work
          ►  There is no battery in it - insert one.
          ►  The battery compartment is not closed - shut it.
          ►  The battery is dirty - clean the battery surface.
          ►  The battery is dead - replace it.

The instrument slips out of your ear
The ear canal is wet or dirty - wipe the hearing instrument and your ear with a soft, dry cloth.

The instrument hurts your ear
The instrument is not correctly positioned - remove and re-insert it. If the problem persists, consult your acoustician.

The instrument is difficult to insert
Place a small drop of non-irritating lubricant on your finger and smear onto the ear canal entrance before inserting your
               instrument. Ensure that no lubricant enters the sound outlet or microphone apertures.

If the suggestions above do not solve the problem, contact your Hearing Aid Acoustician.



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